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Since Rwanda’s region we operate at is relatively poor, active development and growth in the sector, especially what concerns the artisanal mining group, undoubtedly lead to peristent economic benefit for both workers and consumers.

At the moment, our main focal business point is in Rwanda. As the existing establishment in Kigali, the new operating center will purchase minerals from local mining operators and process them for export.

One of the main principles of our work is to ensure that not only our company, but also all of our clients and their countries’ people benefit from their own natural local resources.


Mining overview

Rwanda Development Board (http://www.rdb.rw/rdb/mining.html)

Mining in Rwanda has to offer great amounts of unexploited opportunities in regards to ore processing and diversification: being the main mineral exported from Rwanda ,ores are processed to extract tin, tantalum and tungsten, as well as some gold and gemstones. Mining is the second largest export sector in Rwandan economy. In 2014, approximately $210.6 millions of foreign exchange was generated from mining only. All mineral exports from Rwanda can be traced through a special tagging system accepted by the downstream mineral buyers. Schematic exploration works are being carried out to identify and define more mineral deposits. Seeking to build a stable and fully-functioning sector, a strong, investor friendly legal and policy framework has been implemented.

Mineral transparency initiatives in Rwanda

  • Rwanda started following the enactment of the Dodd-Frank “Conflict-Minerals” Act
  • Mineral traceability in Rwanda using the ITRI/iTSCi ‘Tag And Bag’ scheme was initiated at the end of 2010
  • In March 2011, the Rwandan government implemented an anti-smuggling regulation for the mineral sector
  • Since April 2011, 100% of Rwandan minerals are traceable from their mine sites up to their export point
  • In 2012, Rwanda integrated the Regional Certification Mechanism (RCM) in its mining regulations
  • The RCM forms part of the ICGLR Regional Initiative on Natural Resources, adopted by the heads of state in December 2010

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